Corporate Communication

In this fast paced era of “news-on-the-go” and real-time information sharing, the gap between the companies and its diverse stakeholders is increasing. Expectations and pressures are on a rise, especially with the surge in digital media, communication challenges are more complex than ever. Targeted communications strategies are critical to achieving successful outcomes, ensuring business continuity, and enhancing stakeholder support. Our committed team serves advisors to C-suites and boards of directors on a range of capital market events and issues they encounter throughout the corporate life cycle and help deliver results that improve business objectives.


Corporate Communications

Communication has become one of the driving forces behind the success of any business. Our team helps businesses to communicate effectively with clients, suppliers, shareholders and other key stakeholders on an ongoing basis.

We work closely with the management and communication teams to design and execute results-oriented communications strategies and programs through:

  • Reputation Management
  • CEO and C-Suite Counsel
  • Crisis Management and Preparedness
  • Sustainability
  • CSR
  • ORM

Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Corporate transformation is about moving ahead and moving beyond the current form. Companies face challenges of managing risk and maximizing opportunities during periods of change and transformation.

Our teams help to shield and enhance enterprise value as they navigate critical moments of transformation. We help in delivering a compelling equity story to the market and attract and retain investment from high-quality shareholders. We partner with management and investor relations teams to design and execute results-focused IR programs by:

  • Providing strategic counsel
  • Developing the management and equity story
  • Developing engagement strategies capital markets stakeholders
  • Managing complex and critical multi-stakeholder events
  • Organizing world-class AGMs and investor days (on-ground and virtual)

Financial Communications

Financial Communications

Stringent reporting and greater regulator involvement to scrutinize company financials has made financial communications and reporting more essential. Companies need to communicate clearly and concisely throughout their financial reporting periods.

It has become imperative to provide the market with timely and accurate financial communications that address the concerns of multiple stakeholders including investors, analysts, the media, employees, and partners in a manner that conveys the transparent intent of the company, and that helps put its performance in the right perspective.

Our team helps in drafting the earnings results narrative and act as an intermediary between the company, analysts, media, and key commentators to ensure impactful messaging.

The team assists in creating and disseminating content for quarterly results, annual reports, ESG reports, shareholder meetings, and other corporate announcements.

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